Neglected Sunan concerning Witr


Neglected Sunan concerning Witr

Bismillaah Al-Hamdulillaah wa salatu wa salaamu ‘ala rasulullaah

Neglected Sunan concerning Witr

- What to say immediately after Witr prayer

Subhaanal-Malikil-Quddoosi [Recite three times in Arabic, then raise and extend the voice on the third time and add:] Rabbil-malaaikati war-Rooh.

The translation is as follows: Free from any imperfection is The King, The Holy…(the addition…

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The Description of Wūdū [1] - According To The Prophet ﷺ 

by Shaikh Muhammad Ramazān al-Hajirī حفظه الله

صـفـة وضـوء الـنـبـي صلى الله عليه وسلم ~ لفضيلة الشيخ محمد بن رمزان الهاجري حفظه الله 

[1] Ablution / Washing for prayer.

[2] A concise treatise on this topic Imam Muhammad bin Salih bin al-Uthaymeen here

And they say, “The Most Merciful has taken [for Himself] a son.”

You have done an atrocious thing.

The heavens almost rupture therefrom and the earth splits open and the mountains collapse in devastation.

That they attribute to the Most Merciful a son. And it is not appropriate for the Most Merciful that He should take a son. There is no one in the heavens and earth but that he comes to the Most Merciful as a servant. 19:88-93


Anonymous asked:

Salaam Aliukom brother. Is it possible to ask questions here ?

Wa’laikum As salam wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakatuhu. Yes you can ask but I don’t guaranty answers all the time. 

Evening Adhkaar: The Best Time to Say It


هذا يقول: متى الوقت الأفضل لقراءة أذكار المساء بعد العصر أم بعد المغرب؟

قُبَيْل الغروب، قبل المغرب بساعة، ساعة إلَّا ربع، بنصف ساعة، بربع ساعة، ونحوَ ذلك، المهم قُبَيْل الغروب، وهكذا الصَّباح قَبْلَ طلوع الشمس، بعد الفجر.

Question: When is the best time…


Anonymous asked:

As-salamu Alaykum. Idk if this is intrusive but which mosque do you go to? I live in NYC too but have only met three other Salafis. I don't really know which mosques to go to and would really love to meet other Muslims that share the same values and priorities as me.

Wa’laikum As salam wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakatuhu thats awesome if you are a brother we can meet up In shaa’ Allaah. You can send me your number or something or vice versa.  I know of three 

1. ahlul quraan wa sunnah which is by van wick.

2. nurallaah which is in corona.

3. mashjid al albani.مسجد-الإمام-الألباني/158154650934627

this mashjids main imam was the body guard of shaykh muqbil for 10 years.

and mashjid rahma which is in newark not in NYC but not that far away.

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